the COLD WAR HORSE has been vandalized

About the Memorial

“Cold War Horse” was created to acknowledge the history of Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant, its workers, and the surrounding community. During its operation Rocky Flats manufactured parts for nuclear bombs. The main product Rocky Flats produced are plutonium “triggers” for hydrogen bombs. Each trigger in itself is an atomic bomb. It’s estimated that 70,000 plutonium triggers were produced at the plant. Plutonium is a highly toxic substance and special precautions had to be taken to handle the material. The bomb factory began operation in 1952 under the control of Dow Chemical Company. Secrecy and security were very intense throughout the plants operation. Over the years Rocky Flats experienced many routine and accidental releases into the air soil and water, many of which eventually became public. In 1989 the FBI raided the plant because of suspected environmental crimes. Rockwell International who operated the plant at the time pled guilty and was ordered to pay an $18,000,000 fine. In 1992 the plant was closed and remediation began on what was now an EPA “superfund site.” An accelerated plan proposed by contractor Kaiser Hill was chosen and work was declared complete in October 2005. On the dedication of this memorial, 10 years after the “clean up” of Rocky Flats; the history and the people who have sacrificed so much have yet to be acknowledged by government agencies. This memorial stands as a reminder for a history that we must not forget. For more information on Rocky Flats history, present concerns and more please visit the recources section. Cold War Horse was created by Jeff Gipe. Many thanks to Bruce and Janice Roberts for their tremendous support in displaying this memorial. Thanks also to the Nelson family for their generous contributions.

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